Visual sugar marked by an interesting combination of HTML5 cream, CSS cake and TYPO3 juice, all mixed and stirred with Magento goodness.

This is the home of Radu Mogos. This is what I do. This is who I am.

Websites and web stores

Content delivered the way you want. Control every aspect of your enterprise level intranet or website and fine-tune who is allowed to do what regarding content editing and versioning... or just sell, sell, sell, with Magento

Mobile. iOS, Android and WP8 games

Take your presence everywhere.
We will deliver your promotions or products to the Mobile family, on the go, with apps built for the Apple, Google or Windows Marketplace.

PC, web and facebook games

An incredible hobby that grew into much much more. I can develop PC, Mac, Web and Facebook integrated games. Games, a great way to market your business or services, on any device, for various age specific targets.